Davids last day of Therapy at Hillman Pediatrics

Davids last day of speech, developmental & occupational  therapy at Hillman Pediatrics he’s gonna miss Miss Sue. He had therapy several times each week to get him caught up so that he could attend the Early Learning Class to continue his therapy after his 3rd birthday.

He has flowers to give to Miss Sue, he always looks forward to playing games with her.

Birthday Time, David turned 3 years old.. loves the Ninja Turtles. Be warned the boy is practicing his Ninja Kicks

1st day of school,  He only attends for 2 hours each day. Beth wasn’t sure how he would do with riding a school bus. After a week he insisted he wanted to ride the bus like the other kids. He loves it! He is showing so much improvements since school started. He has learned to count to 10, learn a few colors, and getting pretty good at puzzles. We noticed that he is adding more than 2 to 3 words on his sentences.  Beth is going to wait until after the school year, before she contacts the pediatrician she was referred to that specializes in Autism to see if he keeps improving.




Random Act of Kindness – Free balloons from the lady at the store!

Davids lucky day…free balloons from the lady at the store!


Beth was out shopping and happened to stop in our local Pharmacy. He still had a little of his pirate eye patch from earlier in the day playing pirate. She had an order of balloons that someone did not pick up and she gave them to David.

I would love for everyone to practice Random Act of Kindness !   We should really start doing it ourselves as part of our daily life to make the world a better place.


Students Promote Safe Travels!

Very proud of my granddaughter Danielle, and Beth is one very Proud Mama!

See more of the story- http://freepressnewspapers.com/main.asp?SectionID=14&SubSectionID=14&ArticleID=11609





YoHoHo Playing Pirate at Gumma’s House



Volunteering at the local Food Bank with our family!

Volunteering at the local Food Bank with our family is a great way to spend quality time together while serving others. We donate one Saturday each month to our Food Share Ministry at our church. This gives the kids a better understanding of where the food goes, and the families that benefit from this service. The volunteers help with unloading the trucks, help sort the food to have ready to pass out to the 100 families that our church helps feed each month.

Volunteering is a great way to make friends, learn something new and have fun while fighting hunger in your community. Food donations have been declining over the last year, that’s why they need your help, many food banks are in need of donations of food and volunteers.

Call your local Food Bank and see what you can do to help.!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Share in the spirit of giving and volunteer to make this holiday a real celebration!

Below are a few photos taken this past weekend, while volunteering at our local Food Share Ministry

My Twin Sister Sharon (left) and I on the (right)

A few of our Big Guys unloading the truck

Mrs Gowan our oldest Volunteer sorting the the breads

Volunteers Sorting


#ElectionDay! 1st Grandchild to # Vote in the #2012Election

Very Proud of Big Guy, this is his first Election to Vote!


Halloween :)

I chaperoned my middle monkey Gabby’s class party today & was amazed at how well her class was organized. we ate then played games. I was at a table with 7-8 kids at a time & our game was marshmallow blowing, yes its strange, these kids were so competitive at the start of the race, but I have to say I was in awe when all the “winners” went up to the other classmate and told them good job. Most 2nd grade kids would be jumping up & down rubbing it in that they won. I think there may be some hope still in these youngsters. I am a stickler for manners in my home so I was so pleased that these youngsters actually had them and used them!!!

My Gabby as Frankie from Monster High


My oldest daughter 15 passed out bags for non perishable food items for the local food pantry instead of going with friends trick-or-treating. This was her idea, not mine, as much as I love this idea and would like to take credit for making her do this I can not… She did this on her own and I am sooo very proud of her. She amazes me each and everyday with her kindness.<3

AHHH now my youngest ones halloween. Boy where do I start? He hated his costume and did not want to wear it. He was an adorable lil monkey… I will try to post pics… keep in mind they may be blurry because he hated wearing it. He refused to get out of the car unless he could bring his baseball bat, I finally gave in. so here I am pushing an umbrella stroller around with a monkey swinging a baseball bat at all the rocks we pass on the road. He even swung at a few pumpkins….Boy did I ever get some looks LOL… he refused to go to any ones door unless he heard a dog bark then he wanted to go INSIDE the peoples house to see the dog. His poor sister had to hold her bucket & his. He wanted to open everything as it went into his bucket. He later held his bucket as I pushed him around but was throwing chips & other things out of it looking for the good stuff.

He didn’t like the hood up

here is one of him walking

@AMCTheatres not only kid friendly but now Sensory friendly as well

I recently found out that AMC Theaters is a sensory friendly environment on a monthly basis. Everyone that knows of our family knows that we have 3 AMAZING young men in our lives that have been affected with Autism. This has always been easy for us to deal with in our own homes and even in public. However some people stare, make rude comments, or just flat out walk away if they,the boys, do try to talk to them. It has made family time tough for us since we need to make sure if one of the boys is with us that we are in an environment that they are comfortable in. The oldest is 18 & he does the best in public. Movie Theaters have always been a hit or miss with our families because some days the boys will be fine and sit through o the movie other times they can get figity and loud. Now thanks to AMC’s sensory friendly movies our boys can go watch a movie & we will not have to worry about them cause they can get up if they need to. AMC’s website states “The auditoriums dedicated to the program have their lights up, the sound turned down and audience members are invited to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing!” This is great I think anyone with a child with special needs should really look into this and take their children as often as possible. After all I think everyone can pull a little extra $ together to go see a movie once a month and let their kids be themselves!!! Thank you AMC Theaters for such a great opportunity for our young autistic peeps to have the same opportunities as other kids :)


Here’s what will be playing in the near future:

November 10 – WRECK-IT RALPH



Click here to find an amazing AMC theater near you

Don’t forget to “like” them here

Check out their youtube channel


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Note to self..keep jar of vaseline on top shelf

Does it look like he is sorry!

It was a big mess, I left a jar on the dresser, and I mean a big container of Vaseline. David was watching a movie in the bedroom while I was cleaning up the bathroom from his bath. It got quiet, I decided to see if he fell asleep… Nope he was happy as a  kid on Christmas smearing it all over the room. The carpets, bed, floor and even on himself. I had to get him back to the tub for another bath, couldn’t get it all out in one washing.. but he sure has smooth skin now. Now to try to figure out a cleaner to get the big spot off the carpet


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