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Kidz Gear Wireless Car Headphones For Kids Review/Giveaway (CLOSED)

WINNER – Miranda K  sent you an email.. you have 48 hours to respond

I wish I had one for everyone… thanks for entering.


We received our headphones and used them on our road trip to visit family a few weeks ago. They kids loved them!! The headphones that came with our car are not as comfortable, they don’t fit well and they are coming apart. The Kidz Gear headphones are great, they have a softer lining around the ears that probably won’t come apart like the cheap foam things that are around the headphones we have now. The sound quality was very good. I tried them out myself. I like how they fit, even for an adult. They are very comfortable and sleek looking. Perfect for those little ears.

“Wireless IR Car Headphones from Kidz Gear. These headphones deliver the same perfect fit, excellent quality and rich stereo sound as our Wired Headphones, but now with no wires! They are 100% Guaranteed to work with all US single-channel, built-in, IR (infrared) DVD/Video systems. Designed with custom sized ear-cups, an auto power-off feature, and comfortable padding, your child will be sure to enjoy those trips in the car. You can even use these headphones at home! (IR transmitter sold separately)”

Want to win a Pair, follow the rules below.. Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. I would like to win because I think my daughter would love them, she likes listening to music while we go out and about and sometimes my head can not take it.

  2. I subscribe via email.

  3. I follow you on twitter Jammie79

  4. I like kidz gear on fb Jammie M

  5. my son loves it lot and we need it now as it is worn out

  6. RSS feed subscriber (right side bar)

  7. Become an email subscriber in another email
    Forgot to say that I am your gfc follower Sorry

  8. Follow u on Twitter and leave your twitter handle (@momsfocus)

  9. “Like Kidz Gear on facebook”

  10. My grandkids enjoy watching DVD’s while riding in their car but one of them is broken at the moment and this would be a wonderful prize for them.

  11. This would go perfect with our recent van purchase which has a dvd player with a place for headphones. I like that it’s designed for kids.

  12. This would be great for my little one who’s very sensitive

  13. Monique Rizzo

    I would love to win because we just bought our daughter in Ipod and these would be perfect.
    Thanks for the chance.

  14. I would love these for my son because I am tired of hearing his ipod (the same 3 or 4 songs over and over). Thank you

  15. I am following on twitter as cluster77. Thank you

  16. I think it would be the perfect gift for my grandson’s B-day present!

  17. I think these are the cutest things ever.. They would be awesome to have

  18. I would love to get this for my daughter, and we found out the hard way about having her watch DVD’s without headphones. This would be perfect for our next adventure.

  19. Became an email subscriber.

  20. Follow you on Twitter (at) mk 198513

  21. I Like KidsGear on FB. Miranda K

  22. I would LOVE this for my daughter so she didn’t have to use those ear buds.

    GFC Follower :)

  23. I would love to win these because it is so hard to find headphones that actually fit my son GFC follower lezanac2 lezanac2@yahoo.com

  24. I like Kids Gear on FB Lisa T lezanac2@yahoo.com

  25. email subscriber lezanac2@yahoo.com

  26. My daughter watches movies all the time in the car! And it would be nice to have so I don’t have to listen to the radio and her movie!

  27. I have two daughters who both like to watch videos in the car. It would be nice to be able to listen to the radio when they are watching a video.

  28. I know my daughter would love this, it looks like a great product for children.

  29. my kids would love these..

  30. My daughter would loves them. she loves to watch movies in the van while I run her older brother and sister to practice.

  31. with two kids wanting to hear/watch different things at the same time this would be great to have faramena(at)gmail(dot)com

  32. These would be perfect for my son to use when we travel.

    I am following via GFC as Jill Myrick.


  33. I am subscribed via Google Reader.


  34. I am subscribed via email as jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com.

  35. I am a fan of Kidz Gear via Facebook as Jill Myrick.


  36. I’d like to win this so I won’t have to listen to their movies while we’re on a long drive.

  37. I would love to win this so that I wouldn’t have to listen to my daughter’s shows sometimes in the car.

  38. I’m a RSS subscriber.

  39. Follow you on Twitter @chipdip2010

  40. ‘Like’ Kidz Gear on FB – Jill L

  41. My kids would like this

  42. I think my kids would love to use these with their computer games online (they are huge fans of Club Penguin!)

  43. I follow on twitter (pauline15)

  44. I’m a Kidz Gear facebook fan (pauline1501)

  45. We have one pair, and our oldest oves them, now our 2 yr old wishes for a pair. Sure would make for a happy back of the van. Great product

  46. I would love to win these for my sons

  47. good idea so you don’t have to hear it

  48. Would like these for my in home daycare!

  49. I want to win because we have headphone but they are adult sized and my preschooler has a hard time keeping them on.


  50. I follow you on twitter as kmayans.


  51. GFC follower
    Kat Riley
    rilekat at gmail.com

    I want to win this for my granddaughter who travels a lot.

  52. I am a RSS feed subscriber
    rilekat at gmail dot com

  53. I subscribe to you by email
    rilekat at gmail dot com

  54. I follow you on twitter @rilekat
    rilekat at gmail dot com

  55. I follow Kidz Gear on FB
    Kat Riley
    rilekat at gmail dot com

  56. my daughter would love this

  57. jodi leah baird

    following GFC! and my boy would love this.they could play all kinds different things with these and the coolest thing is in the car that is awesome

  58. jodi leah baird

    following on twitter my name is muddbabe!

  59. jodi leah baird

    fan of kidz gear on facebook Jodi B.

  60. I would love to win these because in 3 weeks we are driving our daughter from Ohio to California to go to college and my 4 year old son can use these headphones in the car so I won’t have to listen to Spongebob for 40 hours straight!!

    I’m a follower on GFC-Penny W

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  61. Subscribed to RSS feed

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  62. Confirmed subscriber of email

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  63. I follow you on GFC as sklyn.
    I would love this product for my children.

  64. Following you on twitter-Pennykatw

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  65. Liked Kidz Gear on FB-Penny W

    pkbw28 at gmail dot com

  66. I would love to win because my niece is a big music fan and she would love these

  67. great company and product!

  68. Maybe these will cut down on the annoying dvd noise lol

  69. I would love to have a set for my kids because I have a 2,4 and 6 year old and they love to watch movies while I drive (and I would love to listen to the radio instead of the kids movies).

  70. Anthony Morales

    I would love to hve this for my daughter while she is in the back seat of the car,so she dont annoy me,lol

  71. GFC follower. ladyt64

    I want to win because my son has Autism and sensory issues. He likes to listen to his own music or sounds while playing a video game in the car without listening to us talk or what we have on the radio.

  72. GFC follower. ladyt64
    I want to win these for my son who has Autism and sensory issues. He can listen to his music or sounds on his video game without hearing us talk or play the radio.
    ladyt64 at gmail dot com

  73. I want to win for my niece, as this would be perfect for road trips!

    i follow through GFC

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  74. I want to win so that one of my boys can peacefully nap in the car when the other is watching the dvd player
    tiff715 @hotmail.com
    gfc follower, tiff715

  75. I woiuld like to win them for my daughter, Adriana. She has autism and one of the things that most connects her to the world around her is music. She uses headphone with her Mp3 player and these would be great.


  76. I’d like to win so my little guy can have headphones like his big brother who sits i the car with him.
    GFC (mail4roseY)

  77. I would love to win this to stop the incessant fighting between my children on control of the car radio. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  78. so I don’t have to listen to my kids movies in the car!

  79. I am a GFC follower and I visited the site. I would love to win these to help my children be able to listen to the car DVD without bothering the driver. reejen at comcast dot net

  80. Love the product since we live 330 mile away from family they come in handy

  81. My dauughter loves music

  82. because our kids would love them

  83. My little brother LOVES headphones and this would make him sooo happy!

  84. I want to win so that I don’t have to listen to Blues Clues in the car anymore!

    candiwinscash (at) gmail (dot) com

  85. I would like to win because I think I would love them.

  86. These headphones will be great for my grandchildren, Thank you in advance for letting me win and for them to enjoy using them.

  87. My son would LOVE these!!!

  88. I have three sons, ages 8, 6 and 4. They obviously do not always agree on what to listen to on the radio or on the TVs in the car. These headphones would be a brilliant idea and a major problem solver for a tired out mom!

  89. I follow you on GFC. I would like to win because my son would like it.

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